Champagne Veuve Fourny et Fils


Owning 20 hectares of vines in the 1er Cru Cotes de Blancs village of Vertus, Emmanuel and Charles-Henry Fourny are some of the new stars of Champagne... well actually, they aren't!  They are the fifth generation to be tending these vineyards, they took over the family company in 1993 so have been doing this for over 20 years, but are some of the more established of the new wave!  They practice Lutte Raisonnee, which is organic practices but not 100% committed to them (just in case the year is lousy!) and they crop heavily so to restrict yields, which means the plants focus all their energy into fewer grapes.  

Their new cellar was opened in 2012 which allows Emmanuel to work his magic in temperature controlled heaven, and these Blanc de Blancs are exquisitely made.  If fresher, citrusy, minerally, clean Champagnes are your thing, you could do worse than introducing your tastebuds to Veuve Fourny.