Environmental Impact


I'm very conscious that we all need to reduce the amount of waste we create, and it seemed ridiculous to me that I was receiving cardboard boxes containing wine and then sending them off to recycling, and then buying new cardboard boxes to send wine out to our customers!

To reduce the cardboard waste we produce, we now reuse the cardboard boxes that we receive our wine in, so when you receive your wine, it will be in various styles of cardboard box.

To protect the wine however, we use an inflatable airpack system to protect the wine which should mean that your wine arrives unbroken. This sadly is made from plastic, which is not ideal, but at the moment there is no better alternative and it is better than the alternatives - polystyrene or cardboard (which means broken bottles).


We always recycle the minimal glass and paper waste that is created in the shop.


We used to run our own petrol powered van to do deliveries in and around St Andrews, but now we hire electric vehicles from the E-Car club based in St Andrews to do local deliveries when we can't send them out on foot or bike.