Gen del Alma Ji Ji Ji Malbec Pinot Noir 2018 75cl

"Aromas of sherbet, violets, rose petals, jasmine and then smoky tea with bright red berries and tart pomegranate. Then you have a fresh, juicy palate with spicy, darker berry red wine flavours with a white wine lightness and freshness."

Matias is a rule breaker, a maverick who cares little for convention and pours his heart into every vat. His wines are sometimes unorthodox to say they least, and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you buy into the notion that life is too short to stick with the same old stuff, you need to try his wines. Could it get any better? Well, yes, because we soon met Matias’s brother Gerardo and his wife Andrea Mufatto, and their young winemaker son, Manuel, nutters one and all with touches of genius in their ngertips and rock ‘n’ roll pumping through their pipes. What follows is an array of outstanding, often unorthodox, always intriguing wines from a group of inspirational people.

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