Les Vignerons Parisiens 'An 508' Grenache Blanc 2016 75cl

A brilliant Grenache Blanc with lots of minerality, pithy fruit and a freshness with some brilliant bright citrus.

Les Vignerons Parisens is the first and only urban winery in Paris. Located in the Arrondissement, the enterprise was founded by Matthieu Bosser with two partners, oenologist Emmanuel Gagnepain and biodynamic viticulture consultant Frédéric Duseigneur. Their certified organic grapes are sourced from four growers, located in the communes of Visan and Sabran in the southern Rhône. Whilst the traceability of the grapes is known to the exact parcel, the wines are not allowed to carry any mention of appellation, since they are vinified outside the region and because all but one of the cuvees produced are single varietal wines for which no regional appellation exists. The wines are therefore all commercialised as Vin de France.This is a single parcel of Grenache Blanc from Visan, raised in 600 litre barrels. The significance of the name is this was the year Clovis declared Paris the Capital of France.

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