Livio Felluga


On his return from the Second World War, things were not easy for Livio Felluga.  Home was the north east corner of the Adriatic, which had suffered a lot during the five years of war.  People were abandoning the country for the cities, there was a very clear border now between Slovenia (then Yugoslavia) and Italy.  

Livio Felluga had a desire to restore the Italian countryside and focus on high-quality viticulture, and started to plant new vineyards and restore old ones.  When everyone else was producing quantity, Felluga continued his quest for quality.  He added more vineyards to his estate and grew his company so it now encompasses 135 hectares, being proved correct that Rosazzo and the surrounding areas are some of the best soils to grow white grapes.  

Celebrating his 100th birthday in September 2014, this great man has lived through one of the most turbulent centuries of all time, in one of the most turbulent areas of Europe and has established a legacy that will continue for years to come.  I adore Livio Felluga's wines, made with lesser known varieties as Friulano and Picolit as well as more established grapes.  This is my favourite area of Italy, and my favourite producer - I can't suggest that you try these wines enough.  They are truly glorious.

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