The Team


Peter Wood

Bucket List Top 3 
Own a classic car, try Mouton 1945, drive a F1 car that was raced by either Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart or Jim Clark
Greatest wine ever tried
Moet & Chandon Esprit du Siecle on my friend's 30th birthday in the Moet cellars
Favourite wine region
The Douro Valley, it is spectacularly beautiful and my favourite type of wine (port) is made there
On a day off,  I like... 
Spending time with my wife and son, looking round antique shops and watching motor racing.  ANY motor racing!
Favourite book
I should say my wife's, but it is 'Vintage Wine' by Michael Broadbent
Who are your favourite three drinking buddies?
Pete Crawford, Richard Bray & Kirsty Armstrong - I've enjoyed more wine with them than anyone else and they are three of my dearest friends.
If you could have dinner with three people, real or fictional, living or dead, who would they be?
Stephen Fry, Graham Hill and Winston Churchill.  Graham Hill because he is my motor racing hero, Fry because he is a great orator and Churchill would bring some fabulous Champagne to drink.

Miles Bolland

Bucket List Top 3
Own an SR71 Blackbird, go into space (hopefully voluntarily) and 'acquire' The Fighting Temeraire.
Greatest wine ever tried
Haven't had it yet, but I do love Riesling
Favourite wine region
Alsace because we always holidayed there and I grew up with the wine
On a day off I like...
Having a few drinks in the sunshine with good friends.
Favourite book
Matterhorn because it looks intimately at a period of history that fascinates me.
Who are your three favourite drinking buddies?
William Russell, Frazer Reid and Lyndsey Russell
If you could have dinner with three people, real or fictional, living or dead, who would they be? 
Prince Rupert of the Rhine because he would have outstanding stories, Yamamoto because he was a military genius and Tolkien because he is a literary giant.

Lennart Spindler

Pia Szabo

Alec Bruns

Where are they now?
St Andrews Wine Company is so much more than a wine shop, we are a small winey family, and our customers often ask where previous staff members are now and what they are doing. Here are a few of them
Rachael Leach is now in London working for one of our suppliers
Cosmo Sutherland Our first beer guy is now a brewer at Beavertown Brewery in London.
George Flickinger Back home in New York, George is working for a beer importer.
James Lowe Restaurant Manager at a Michelin star restaurant in Surrey
George Stewart Now in London, he is working for a fine wine merchant.
Nora Sanders is now in London gainfully employed!
Alex Morgan Working in the Buckinghamshire for a brewery
Sean Doig is a Senior Clojure Engineer in London
Kirsty Graham is still studying, this time humans, not apes.
Tom Davidson Freelance wine salesman in London and occasionally helping out in the shop when he is up seeing his parents.
Maggie Meagher is now an Account Executive in Charlottesville, Virginia 
Jo Barnes got her PhD & is in the south of England