Blank Bottle Retirement @ 65 2017 75cl

"Lightish cherry red. Beautifully scented. There’s a hint of slightly reductive rubber but it is so slight it works well with the sweetness of the fruit. Dry, chewy but fresh, with the intensity and depth of old vines but no showing off. Drink 2017-2021" Julia Harding MW

Old vines make better wine.... just less of it. When the owner of this Cinsault vineyard got a bit fed up of looking after his old vines, he decided to scrub it up and plant apples - you also get more per hectare for apples. However, the (then) 63 year old vines needed saved and Pieter Walser of Blank Bottle stepped in, convinced him to let him use the vines. Pieter spent ages looking after the vines, getting them ready for harvest and then a bunch of sheep broke into the vineyards and ate the bloody lot! Two years later, for the 65th anniversary of the vineyard, Pieter made this stonker and stuck a sheeps skull on the label as a two fingered salute to the sheep!

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